Game Publishers Overview

Overview of Game Publishers on Arcade Colony

Publishers have several levels of engagement they can choose with Arcade Colony. Some of the highlight features of each are listed below:

Level of Engagement*Overview

Directory Listing

The game will appear on the Arcade Colony site

Marketplace Listing

Arcade Colony marketplace and shop listings

Reward Partner

COLONY tokens will be allocated as rewards for the game

Colony Partner

Our team will help integrate your game on the Arcade Colony platform

Invennium Partner

Our team will help set your game for a web3 environment on the Arcade Colony platform. (e.g. validator network, white paper, and economy setup)

*Inquire for pricing on each level of engagement. All levels build upon one another.

Directory Listing:

  • Link and graphic on Arcade Colony for game you are currently hosting


Marketplace Listing

  • List traditional Web2 or Web3 assets in the Arcade Colony shop

  • Users can buy, sell, and rent assets in the Arcade Colony P2P Marketplace

  • Fiat currencies and COLONY will be accepted as forms of payment

Reward Partner

  • Distribute COLONY tokens in your ecosystem

  • COLONY bonuses based on engagement

Colony Partner

  • Build your game directly on Arcade Colony platform

  • Distribute COLONY tokens within the Arcade Colony platform

  • Distribute NFTs through the Arcade Colony platform

  • Integrate the Arcade Colony payment system

Invennium Partner

  • Create a whitepaper for your game to use COLONY token

  • Build a sustainable, scalable economy for your game

  • Rebuild an existing web3 games economy and assets

  • Set up an independent domain for your site to operate on

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