Shop, Marketplace, and Burn Fees

Shop, Marketplace, and Burn Fees

Arcade Colony will operate multiple shop pages within its storefront catalog that publishers can use to sell their goods and services. To qualify, a game must be registered with the directory, accept Arcade Colony tokens for value, and list the price of anything they sell in both a set amount of USD/Credits and SCRIPT tokens.

Shop Revenue Split

Publishers that stake certain thresholds of LICENSES will reduce their revenue share to Invennium from product sales. By staking LICENSES, it allows players, other publishers, and Arcade Colony to have faith in the overall system. It incentivizes everyone to be good stewards of our ecosystem. Additional staking requirements to receive lower revenue share rates may be introduced over time.

Revenue ShareLicenses Owned and Operating














A peer to peer marketplace will allow players to buy, sell, and rent their assets to one another. These transactions will be subjected to up to 6% fees to fund the project and ensure continued success with half being paid out and the other half sent to the DAO or burned. The breakdown of the fee is listed below.

  • 1% sent to Arcade Colony DAO

  • 1% to Invennium

  • 2% to the sales platform utilized for a transaction

  • 2% burn

Burn Fees

Each month, games in the Arcade Colony platform are expected to have a set amount of SCRIPT tokens burned through utility. If a game does not burn their expected amount then they will need to send the remaining SCRIPT to the DAO to be burned. For example, if a game is supposed to burn 10,000 SCRIPT per month and through in-game actions there are only 9,000 SCRIPT burned, the publisher will need to send 1,000 SCRIPT to the burn account. A set amount of SCRIPT to be burned incentivizes games to fully integrate into the Arcade Colony system. Each game will negotiate a monthly burn rate as they enter the ecosystem.

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