Token Overview

Overveiw of Tokenomics for Arcade Colony


The Arcade Colony Governance Token, known as COLONY, will serve as the staking, reward, and governance token within the Arcade Colony Governance (ACG) ecosystem. All games that are listed on the Arcade Colony directory will need to accept COLONY tokens as a form of payment.

COLONY Utility

The COLONY token will have several primary uses within the Arcade Colony ecosystem:

  • Distribution as rewards in games

  • Earning staking rewards

  • Maximizing game rewards

  • Reducing network fees

  • Upgrading various player owned aspects of the game

  • Participating in platform governance

  • Minting new SCRIPT tokens (designed to stay worth approximately $1) through burning of COLONY – more about SCRIPT in the following section


The SCRIPT token will be pegged to product in Arcade Colony and be acquired by burning COLONY tokens for a set amount of SCRIPT tokens based on market conditions. 1 SCRIPT token will be accepted as $1 USD of product in the Arcade Colony ecosystem.

SCRIPT Utility

The SCRIPT token will have several primary uses within the AC ecosystem:

  • Buy and sell assets from in-game shops

  • Buy, sell, and rent NFTs on the Arcade Colony Marketplace

  • Use cases will be built into each game

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